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A Brave Attempt: DIY Maternity Photoshoot

One time during one crazy Viber conversation with my cousin Lynn and niece, Aiko a.k.a. my favorite subject, we came up with an idea of doing a maternity photoshoot (for Aiko who’s currently pregnant). Preserving your memories while you were still pregnant is an idea worth trying. Since we don’t have a budget to hire a professional photographer, a DIY one is what we thought we could do. So we did. =) Aiko, as the subject, of course, Lynn as the moral supporter (because she’s miles away from us) and I will take the photos. We’ve made an ample research on how to do it properly so please give us some slack when you guys find whatever is wrong with the result. Though we feel so proud of our hard work, critics are still welcome! This actually is my Christmas gift #1 to Aiko and her husband Jj, besides of that tuna pasta I cooked for them (as my Christmas gift #2) 😀

Date: 19-Dec-2014

Location: Aspire Park, Doha, Qatar

Camera used: Sony NEX-5 and Sony Xperia Z2

Credits: Classic by MKTO for keeping me awake =)

These are some of the names the couple has thought of naming their baby when they still don’t have an idea of the gender.


DSC04041-V-Unfiltered DSC04036-V-Ingrid DSC04034-V-Ingrid DSC04032-V-Milo DSC04032-V-Grayson DSC04002-V-Doris DSC03989-V-Salomon DSC03981-V-Doris DSC03969-V-Ingrid DSC03950-V-Unfiltered DSC03938-Ingrid DSC03931-Unfiltered DSC03932-Unfiltered DSC03931-Mirror-Ingrid DSC03907-Unfiltered DSC03895-Sophia DSC03884-Ingrid DSC03883-Sophia DSC03882-Hagrid DSC03881-Ingrid DSC03879-Ingrid DSC03872-Helena DSC03869-Ingrid DSC03868-Unfiltered DSC03863-Unfiltered DSC03859-Sophia DSC03851-V-Unfiltered-Ingrid DSC03842-V-Unfiltered DSC03834-V-Grayson DSC03834-V-Antonio DSC03830-Agnes DSC03828-Ingrid DSC03820-Peter DSC03788-1-Ingrid DSC03788-1-Agnes DSC03776-Piper DSC03776-Helena DSC03775-Unfiltered DSC03774-Anne DSC03770-Salomon DSC03768-Unfiltered DSC03767-Agnes DSC03765-Ingrid DSC03758-Ingrid DSC03756-Unfiltered DSC03752-Ingrid DSC03745-Unfiltered DSC03743-Unfiltered DSC_0654-Unfiltered