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[Addictive] Coconut Macaroons

When my sister-in-law, Hennessy, became fond of baking, coconut macaroons are one of the firsts that she tries to bake. Among several recipes in the net, she stumbled upon this special one which makes very addictive coconut macaroons (find the original post here: I call it addictive because once you start eating your first piece, it’s really hard to stop. These macaroons are crunchy (especially the instance it came out from the oven) on the outside and chewylicious in the inside.

Makes: approx. 48 pieces | Preparing Time: 10-15 minutes | Cooking Time: 15-25 minutes


1/3         cups butter (softened)

3/4         cups sugar

2              eggs

1              can condensed milk

½             cup flour

2              cups desiccated coconut

½             tsp. vanilla extract



1    In a bowl, put in softened butter, add sugar and mix together until well blended. Add eggs one at a time, beating continuously. Add condensed milk, vanilla extract, continue to beat until blended.

2    Add flour and desiccated coconut, beat until combined.

3    Scoop in about almost a teaspoon (for bite-sizes) and put in a mini paper cups and bake it in 130-140° (oven pre-heated 350° for 10 minutes) for 15 minutes ‘til golden brown. Extend the baking to 20 minutes if needed. You can use the toothpick test to make sure the insides are cooked, just push the toothpick like you’re stabbing the macaroons, pull it and check if there’s some pieces of the mixture comes with it, if it’s clean enough then the insides are cooked.



Coconut macaroons can be kept at room temperature. If you’re going to pack it as a gift make sure it is already cool, feel the bottom part to make sure. If not, for me it was best eaten few minutes after it came out from the oven, while the top is still deliciously crunchy!