Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas & Micah Sparks

Three Weeks with My Brother is a non-fiction book about the life of the great romance novelist, Nicholas Sparks. You can actually say this book tells the story of how he ended up where and what he is right now. It’s truly amazing how this book of 356 pages covers Nicholas’ and Micah’s (his brother) almost lifetime worth of joy, learning and struggles.

Nick and Micah are both inspiring in their own ways. Since they are not really the same, there will always be something with Nick that you won’t be able to find with Micah and vice versa. Both gives strong and high importance with regards to their family. You will fall inlove with the friendship that the two and Dana (their sister) has.

When I think about what is my favorite part of the book, several scenes came to my mind. I really really love everything inside this book! But let me try to mention one of my favorites. Other than the several beautiful quotes inside it, one of my favorites is when Nick met his wife, Cathy. The part where after dancing for an hour with Cathy, Nick told her “You know, you and I are going to get married one day.” Believe it or not, I’m at this part when the news flashed that they got divorced. It makes me sad at first, how a wonderful love could have gone wrong? It made me think how can Nick write another awesome romance novel after that? Then a thought came to me, several stories and songs were written while the writer is heart broken. There’s Chasing Pavements by Adele and I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith! =)

You will really learn a lot from this book, it's a promise!

The book was written same way as how two people are inside a conversation while the other person is telling stories, with this case, very good ones. It’s really intelligent the technique Nick and Micah chose, telling two stories in one book – their three-week trip and their family stories. Both of them are very good storytellers. I wonder how good it is to listen to them in flesh.

I shed so many tears on this book, felt so many heartaches, joy and had loads of laughter, too. But yes, so many tears. I cry so easily but believe when I say that their stories are really touching. It will stab you right thru the heart. Though it took me time before I finish it, it’s because I really chose to devour on all the emotions its bringing me. But the very best thing is that you will learn a lot from it. Love. Life. Family. This is now my second most favorite non-fiction book. I cannot find anything bad or wrongfully written on it. It’s kinda amazing to know how Nicholas Sparks started writing his books.

Thanks to my brother who gave me this book on Christmas 2012. I know, I gave it to me 2 yrs ago. 😀 and I really really love it.

Started: December 12, 2014 | Finished: January 19, 2015 | 356 pages | My rating: 5 out 5