Goodbye to you. Happy New Year to me.

When you left me, it is not a single instance where I have to deal with few minutes of missing you, hours of crying, days of a hurting heart and painful chest. I also have to deal with how my own mind is playing me. Denying, imagining, longing, regretting and wishing. All of these mixed up in my head will be the biggest reason why I will take time in finding out the real Whys and Hows. There are times when I want to believe I’m okay, convincing myself and others that I can do anything on my own and that I am strong enough to be left alone. When the truth is, most of my time is being used wondering how I can move on with the pain of being left by you, who will never, ever, come back.

I am always the storm and I remember you being the calmness after it. When the time is still ours, you were the only optimistic soul on my pessimistic world. You always believe that I have a magic wand hand and everything that it touches will become beautiful. Listening to my rants is your bedtime stories and when my sun doesn’t shine, you always let your moon shine bright for me.

Disremembering you seems easier than forgetting what you have made me.

You taught me to become a drizzle. Nowadays, my head turns where there is light. You made me believe in myself and your memories are now my sweetest dreams. Whenever my sun doesn’t shine, you taught me how to push away the dark clouds blocking it.

I can never go back and I don’t even want to. I want to forget, not you, but this aching that won’t let me pass thru. So, this year’s finale will be the end of you. You meddling with my life’s decisions, you appearing on my self-representations, you bringing me down and leaving my heart in pain.

Tomorrow is New Year. Your soft touches and your melodic voice will be kept, other than that, all will be set free.


Now I See

Tonight, while I was browsing through my old clothes, I found his favorite jacket. That old, torn and brown one he always used to wear.

It was kept because it gives me the feeling of his presence whenever I see it.

For the past months, I already convinced myself and others (maybe) that I’m truthfully happy with my “freedom”.

Until tonight, the moment my hands are again touching his beloved jacket… “Am I really free?”

At this moment of writing/typing, I realized how imprisoned I am from the pain within me. It didn’t took time. I still long for his life, his movements, unique habits, his smile and stares.

“Let go. Just let go.” 

I repeatedly told myself right now. “It should be easy for you.” Myself thought.

I think I’m hurting my heart.

I’m still this person who’s in pain and behind the bars of being left by the one she truly loves.

I don’t want to be anymore. 

So I have to let this jacket go.

How far should I go to find me feeling okay with this? 

How many times should I let go just to be free?

Now I see: Freedom is not really the state of not being imprisoned by someone’s presence but rather the state of not being lost because of someone’s absence.


​Ikaw ang tanging pangarap,

Na tinitingala sa lumalampas pa sa mga ulap.

Awang sa Kanya’y hinihiling,

“Ito na lang po, wala na kong ibang aasamin.”

Distansyang hindi matapos,

Dinudurog na ang pusong sa pag-asa’y kapos.

Umiikli na ang oras,

Habang lumalapit ang pagdaos.

Natatakot marinig,

Sasabog na ang dibdib.

Ang itulak ka palayo,

Ay ang pagtanggap sa katotohanang hindi ka magiging akin.

Tumakbo na lang ng matulin,

Habang naglalaho ka sa aking paningin.


Dapat ikaw ang sasagip,

Sa tinig kong nawawalan ng himig.

Pero bakit iyong ipinagkait,

Kapatawarang ibinibigay kahit ng langit.

Nais mo’y laging umalingawngaw,

Sa silid nating pinatayan na ng ilaw.

Hindi ka ba napapaos?

O gustuhing ito’y matapos?

Hiling ko sana’y lumiban ka na,

Sa masalimuot at nakakatinik na katha.

Hindi ka ba napapagod?

Pagkatao ko’y hapo na sa malungkot mong hagod.

Maraming tanong na naghahanap ng kasagutan,

Ngunit hindi ko na sa’yo ito matagpuan.

Lahat ng pagsubok ng nakaraan,

Malinaw ko ng binibitawan.

Ayoko. Gusto ko. Magulo.

Mabigat. Masakit na sa ulo.

Sana’y matapos na ang kadiliman na mayroon tayo

At iwanan ang bawat isa sa’tin na natuto.

Pagkalito sa Mistulang Sigurado

Siguro nga musika mo ang tinatangi, sa iyong himig ako’y isinayaw mo

Siguro nga sa’yo ako patungo, naiibang yugto kung saan matututo

Siguro nga mga hibla mo ang pupuno, sa mga espasyong iniwan ng tampo

Siguro nga mga titig mo ang tuwirang tutunaw sa pusong mailap sa init

Siguro nga sa’yo lilinaw, liliwanag, ang bahaging natakpan na ng anino

Siguro nga maririnig mo ang hiyaw, ng kumakawala kong pangarap

Siguro nga matutupad mo ang mga pangakong binali ng ilang milyong lumipas na segundo

Siguro nga maaaninag mo ang tunay na kulay na tinatangi ko

Siguro nga ikaw ang pagtitimpi sa mga bagay na dapat ng itago

Siguro nga gunita ka ng bukas na ang tanging hangad ay kalinawan

Siguro nga hindi ito silakbo lamang, pagkahumaling na pangmatagalan

Siguro nga ikaw ang sisilipin, sa tuwing nariyan na ang takipsilim

Siguro nga dito sa kalituhan,

Ikaw ang kundiman,

Kaulayaw ng pangarap na nilikha kailan lang.

525,600 Minutes

Pangs’ last words

I have been impatient almost my whole life. Short-tempered. Meeting frogs before finding “the one” who will refuse to let go of me is just as difficult as searching for yourself when you don’t even know it at all. Then I lost “the one” – myself is never the same again.

A certain emptiness is face to face with me, of me no one to care for who cares for me. A friend once said “Don’t close your door to other people”. No more door since that day, even the windows are shattered into pieces. I’ve become an open wound, carelessly exposed.

As what I am supposed to do, I started by starting again. No one knows me the way he did. I saw myself in search again for that “self” that I just found when I met him.

A year has passed.

I haven’t thought this day will have this huge power over me. I have been disoriented for days as tomorrow approaches. I know what I wanted and where I want to be but somehow I’m currently lost. I really don’t want to bring up more painful thoughts to the people around me, it’s somewhat shameful, they must be tired of it. Truth is I fear this day and I fear this pain.


When it will ever be? 

He’s never coming back, I already told myself hundreds of times.


I should keep me alive, I need to find myself again. Death haven’t killed the one that never dies. Our love is always alive.

Rest in peace to our times, our life together and the husband I knew. Just rest right there within my heart, should it become tired, I will make sure I’m not losing you, again.

Al Khor Park

For QAR 5/head, a visit to this place doesn’t deserve a second thought. With enough car parking space you won’t have a problem. Great lanscapes, beautifully made murals, skateboard ramp, sights of different animals, a bird aviation with a relaxing set-up, basketball court and a big playground for kids and kids at heart! They have restaurants, too! But if you like to bring food, it is allowed. As long as you clean after yourselves that won’t be a problem.

Captured using Sony Xperia Z2. Enjoy~!

























You’re a star that shines the brightest.

The sound of your light strikes the deepest.

The thorns of your skin makes the softest caress.

My longing for death was suddenly suppressed.

You’re the armor that I always wore.

My shield who do not let my wounds sore.

You’re someone and something I want you to be.

“One who can conquer mountains” is who you’ll always be.

The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

The book is about retrieval of faith. To God that is. It is about believing in something when our hearts told us to and our brains told us not to.

Amy Penn is my favorite character on the book. A wannabe renowned reporter, a broken woman inside. I particularly followed her transition in becoming reasonable, calm and how she became “human” later on. I love how intense it is when I came to the part where the discovery of origin of the phone calls from heaven happened. I started guessing it from the middle of the book but in the end I found out that it is quite unpredictable.

The ending could have been different though. I would love the ending if it is more mysterious or something that will leave a question in my mind.

Mitch Albom inserted the history of the telephone invention diligently and its timing always hits the target.

I’m recommending the book to older readers or to someone who likes drama.

Started: March 14, 2015 | Finished: May 5, 2015 | 323 pages | My rating: 3 out 5

Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas & Micah Sparks

Three Weeks with My Brother is a non-fiction book about the life of the great romance novelist, Nicholas Sparks. You can actually say this book tells the story of how he ended up where and what he is right now. It’s truly amazing how this book of 356 pages covers Nicholas’ and Micah’s (his brother) almost lifetime worth of joy, learning and struggles.

Nick and Micah are both inspiring in their own ways. Since they are not really the same, there will always be something with Nick that you won’t be able to find with Micah and vice versa. Both gives strong and high importance with regards to their family. You will fall inlove with the friendship that the two and Dana (their sister) has.

When I think about what is my favorite part of the book, several scenes came to my mind. I really really love everything inside this book! But let me try to mention one of my favorites. Other than the several beautiful quotes inside it, one of my favorites is when Nick met his wife, Cathy. The part where after dancing for an hour with Cathy, Nick told her “You know, you and I are going to get married one day.” Believe it or not, I’m at this part when the news flashed that they got divorced. It makes me sad at first, how a wonderful love could have gone wrong? It made me think how can Nick write another awesome romance novel after that? Then a thought came to me, several stories and songs were written while the writer is heart broken. There’s Chasing Pavements by Adele and I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith! =)

You will really learn a lot from this book, it's a promise!

The book was written same way as how two people are inside a conversation while the other person is telling stories, with this case, very good ones. It’s really intelligent the technique Nick and Micah chose, telling two stories in one book – their three-week trip and their family stories. Both of them are very good storytellers. I wonder how good it is to listen to them in flesh.

I shed so many tears on this book, felt so many heartaches, joy and had loads of laughter, too. But yes, so many tears. I cry so easily but believe when I say that their stories are really touching. It will stab you right thru the heart. Though it took me time before I finish it, it’s because I really chose to devour on all the emotions its bringing me. But the very best thing is that you will learn a lot from it. Love. Life. Family. This is now my second most favorite non-fiction book. I cannot find anything bad or wrongfully written on it. It’s kinda amazing to know how Nicholas Sparks started writing his books.

Thanks to my brother who gave me this book on Christmas 2012. I know, I gave it to me 2 yrs ago. 😀 and I really really love it.

Started: December 12, 2014 | Finished: January 19, 2015 | 356 pages | My rating: 5 out 5

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